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the-spiritual-pathWhat is Ascention Reiki?

Ascended Master is a being who has become Self-Realized. They are spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation. Their souls passed through many lives working through karma, passing tests and fulfilling their unique reasons for being.

The wisdom that the masters pass on to us comes directly from God because they have attained union with God through the ascension. There are thousands of Ascended Masters who have walked this earth. They protect and guide us, bringing peace on earth.

The Angels are the purest energy source bringing the power of God to us and through us as healer and healee. Angels are available to all who call on them for support, comfort, wisdom, healing, or assistance.

We are able to bring forth this knowledge through those Ascended Masters and Angels who have raised their consciousness high enough to accept these teachings. This form of Reiki will provide you with additional tools needed to aid in the Ascension process.

The first 3 attunements heal and prepare your energies for healing and ascension. These include two very powerful symbols in addition to traditional Usui syumbols.

4th Attunement: This attunement connects the guides to the physical body so that they can work with and through you.  It enables other symbols to come in.  These other symbols may relate to you or to whom you are working with, you may or may not know the meaning of the symbol at that time.  In traditional Reiki at this level you become a Master teacher, with this process that level is reserved for when you complete your 12th level at which time you receive all symbols given during this course.

5th Attunement: This attunement comes in 2 parts.  It can be given as 2 separate attunements, but I give it in one.  Clearing is very important with this attunement.  It opens up the zeal center located in the back of the skull.  It brings up in a physical manifestation whatever issues you are in denial of in order to clear those issues.  It starts resolving past and future traumas.

6th Attunement: This one returns all spiritual knowledge from the past and future.  A guardian is placed on your left side that will be ever present and will protect you.  Negative energy will not be able to tolerate you.

7th Attunement: Allows for the physical manifestations of those things you need or desire as long as those things are for the highest good and not to the detriment of anyone else.  The guides will support you totally with the responsibility to create and manifest including the possibility of teleporting.

8th Attunement: Returns the vision of the mission here on earth with drive and focus.  It uses kundalini energy and raises it gently for use in manifestations.

9th Attunement: Restores balance, ends conflict and shifts conflict out of your space and life.

10th Attunement: Because the symbol for the 10th looks like a rotary light switch, it represents the light being turned on.  You will vibrate to the universal frequency of "OM".  It also bumps up all former attunements and affects the life center.

11th Attunement: This connects you directly to the source.  Affects the judgment center on the levels of soul, emotion, and body.  It enables you to see beyond judgment.

12th Attunement: This is the strength level.  It takes you up another level into healing and power, bumps up psychic abilities and restores all power given and taken away from past and future lives.

13th Attunement: This is done solely by the guides.  It is totally personal.  The guides will tell you what is done and how it works.  They will also tell you how to use this for the greatest good of mankind as well as for yourself.