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What is Healing?


The sickness in our physical body is because of the dis-ease in our mental/emotional being. Once we rediscover our forgotten self, connect with the core of our unresolved issues/patterns, peace dawns and healing starts.

Popular forms of healing practiced in modern day:

There are different forms/paths to healing and we can feel one resonating with us more than others. Just follow your intuition if you want to learn one as the final outcome is same. One path may lead to another as you continue on your journey. Here are some I would like to talk in short.

Reiki healing: Reiki is the most popular form of healing practiced today. It’s gentle, relaxing, harmless energy often doesn’t go unnoticed by the healee. Once attuned to Reiki, the healing flows through healer’s hands and eyes and has automatic intelligence to work on the problem areas.

Theta Healing: It is a technique that focuses on thought and prayer. It teaches us how to connect with the creator and do instant healing. Psychic readings with Theta are amazingly clear.

Healing with Archangels and Ascended Masters: We can call upon our guardian angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters for their loving healing support whenever needed. These are unconditional loving beings that are always willing to help when called upon.

Crystal Healing: Quartz Crystals are widely used to promote healing in body and space. Different crystals are associated and vibrate with different Chakras hence clearing and balancing them resulting in curing any disorders related. Most popular being Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Citrine, Jade, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Kyanite and Hematite.

Space clearing and Healing: Our thoughts not only affect our physical/mental bodies but also the space we live in. Negative thoughts attract negative energy and we are trapped in our own negative world. Natural disasters like earth quakes and volcanic activities also disrupt the energy on the land we are living and suddenly change the way we feel. Earth Acupuncture is a very effective way of healing and sending love to our space and preparing it for more positive and peaceful experiences.

Spiritual Energy Dynamics: This is a profound and miraculous healing technique that not only heals our present but clears our deep seated patterns and frees us from unwanted Karmic chain.

Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regressions: We can not only heal our bodies but other problem areas/situations in life as well including relationships. Hypnotherapy gently takes us to the past incidents and identifies our own deep seated issues that are causing problems in present. Once we recognize and resolve our past issues, other situations in our life start improving as well.

In my healing sessions I combine some or all of these according to your personal needs/situation for a deeply effective healing of your very core.

Follow your own inner truth and know that you’re truly healed, whole and complete and there’s nothing that you can’t accomplish. Many blessings to all!