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Earth below us determines our overall health and well-being. Injured Earth contributes to illnesses and problems in our lives. This negative energy could very well be blocking the healing process. With Natural disasters and fault lines, stress is being constantly generated that affects us. Our planet is a great magnet with north and south poles with a huge geomagnetic pulsating field of energy around it. Varying conditions within the Earth generate flows of electromagnetic current through the earth to the surface that are like surges of energy coming into us.

Our own physical emotional state affects our living space deeply leading to a vicious cycle of us affecting the space and space affecting us. And places with negative energies attract negative entities, diseases, mental/emotional disorders, financial problems to name a few. It's very important to clear and heal the land and property before we move into a new space. For complete healing, it's important that we heal our space along with us to build a strong positive/protective bubble of energy around us.

Using Spiritual Energy Dynamics healing technique, land & property is cleared of all old patterns/negative energy/entities in any form and healed and filled with highest and purest light resulting in positivity, happiness, health, love, abundance and peace in the living space. Property Map is checked for any Geopathic stress lines and healed using Earth Needles/crystals/Reiki. Besides that, property is cleared of any negative energy, entities and stress. Healing is done for 6 months to ensure protection in every way.