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How to set up spiritual hygiene regime? 

Heal your chakras, heal your life:

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healing-handsDiving deep into the root of your problems, Monika comes up with an effective healing solution using various healing modalities according to your unique needs and works as a coach with you guiding and connecting you with your higher self, putting you in touch with your own healing energy and guiding you all along as you take responsibility to improve your life. She works on clearing your Chakras and removing all the blockages from your physic/mental/emotional/etheric bodies, helping release deep seated unhealthy patterns that serve you no more and replacing with positive belief system.

These sessions take place in a soft, healing and soothing environment. You can feel the calm and peace and experience deep rest and joy as the healing begins.
Healing/Past life regressions can be done via phone or Skype and these are as effective and profound as the in person sessions.

Healing Attunements:

The healing attunement uses the same Reiki enery used in the initiations, but only for healing. These can be given to anyone who requests and are especially useful prior to a regular Reiki treatment, making it even more powerful!

Available on Week Days and Weekends by appointment only