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How to set up spiritual hygiene regime? 

Heal your chakras, heal your life:

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Healing Sessions

Healing Session


60 minutes Reiki/Theta Healing (In person or Skype)


120 minutes Ultimate Balancing (In person or Skype)


Past Life Regression (In person or Skype)


60 minutes Psychic/Tarot Card Reading (In Person/Phone/Email)


30 minutes Psychic/Tarot Card Reading (In Person/Phone/Email)


60 minutes Distance Healing


Long Term Hourly Distance Healing (30 days or more)


Earth Acupuncture/ Property Healing (depending on size)

$333 - $999




Reiki-1 Workshop


Reiki-2 Workshop


Reiki Mastership/Grand Mastership


Ascension Reiki workshop


Heal Your Chakras Heal your Life Workshop (Discount offered for group)


For a free intro call or to book a session, please contact Monika Goyal

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ph: 408-409-Heal