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Dear Monika,
Accept my deepest wish that you be successful in your en devour to heal the world! I hope you achieve what you wish to accomplish which I know in my heart that you will.
Keep it up!
Nita Goel, Author: "Seduction of the mind"

Dearest Monika,
I wrote this poem as a token of thanks to u. As u r not only healing me but also giving me confidence in my own wings to fly again:)

"I'm walking to the edge of my mind

I've knocked on a boundary and am seeing it crumble under the gaze of my own surety... I'm walking to the end of one part of my world and see it all begin again.... Trying going past the sign that says, “this is it”

It's like standing on that cliff and falling freely, unburdened by the will to survive. I'm finally living my days celebrating the glory of all my imperfections.... & am showing my scars the light of a relentless sun:)

I'm able to look in a mirror and say this image is who I'm not scared of being... The mirror too is smiling back in ways my mind couldn’t fathom? As finally I'm able to celebrate my every bruise, every wound with reckless abandon, And am wearing my soul on the outside and letting it speak for me:)

I'm finally able to speak straight from my heart.... And able to talk without fear for all that i stand for I'm Trying to speak from my core and taking cues only from my instinct, from that place deep within."

Limitless is our potential when match with a hungry desire. You can conquer the universe as long as you feed the fire. U made me realise this:) I Tried it.... Today is a beautiful day where I feel i've finally begun…only due to your healing dear, just make me all I can be & I'll never run short of blessings. May choicest of God's blessings fall on u & u r able to cure many people like me and live a fulfilling life:) God bless u my angel:) Ela B, Social Worker/Teacher

Healing Experiences:

Monika has been healing our family since my 4yr old son was sick with Nephrotic Syndrome. He has been showing great improvement in his health. She was able to sense our emotions & feelings and helped us change/get over them. She was very professional in handling/performing things. She had surprised/amazed us in giving information about us in various angle that helped healing ourselves. She had been really patient listening to us, reachable at all times to send healing. Thank you Monika for everything. Vasantha & Ganesan, Education & IT Professionals, Cupertino, CA

Monika helped my family during a very difficult situation by providing healing sessions.  We noticed a marked improvement in our well being after the sessions.  
After this experience, I underwent a Reiki 1 class from Monika.  I have been practicing Reiki since then, for the past month and I notice an improvement in staying calm and notice a change in energy patterns. She is a patient teacher and a good teacher.  I highly recommend her. Anand Shankaran, IT Professional, Cupertino,CA

"Monika, we can’t really express our thanks in words. Your help in healing our Mom worked so effectively. At one point when medicines stopped working and we were completely losing hope, your healing made an unbelievable difference. Within couple of days our Mom started to recover and got back to normal health. Thank you so much. We really admire you for your great service to others."Amit & Rashmi, IT Professionals, Santa Clara, CA

This is my first review ever on Yelp because I had such an amazing experience with Monika!I met with her for a past life regression and came back again for a psychic reading. She is extremely talented, kind, and has an incredible healing presence that helped me see clarity and peace in a difficult situation. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing her!- Alison, Advertising Professional, Sunnyvale

Monika is an amazing healer. Her personality is warm and soothing. After each reiki session I feel so calm. She really cares about what is going on with you and correcting the problem. At my last session she kept her hands over my throat and my heart for quite sometime. After she explained to me that she felt that I needed the most healing in that spot which amazed me because I have had problems communicating my feelings all my life and I had just been discussing this with my friend the day before! She truly has the ability to zero in on the healing that you need with out you even telling her. If you're hesitant about coming just book an appointment and try it out. You won't regret it!- Stephanie, Medical Professional, San Jose

I went to see Monika last Friday and I am so grateful for her time and positive energy.  With her help I was able to face a really difficult weekend with an open heart.  With her help I have been able to breathe more freely and reach a deeper level of inner peace and Trust.  The ache that was ever-present in my chest is no longer there.  She is helping remove the blockages I had to love.  I am very grateful to have been led to her.
namaste... -Zia e., Sunnyvale

Monika is a loving, compassionate healer blessed with innate intuition. She is Reiki Master as well as past life regression therapist.  Having such complimentary skills make her very effective healer as she can personalized the healing session based on the need of individual. I was well aware of therapeutic use of past life regression therapy  through many books of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, especially "Many Lives, Many Masters". Monika provided me with my much needed  first hand experience of past life regression to appreciate the potential  of this therapy. I was stunned and overwhelmed with the experience.I am new to Reiki.  My very positive experience with a few Reiki sessions encouraged me to take formal training in Reiki with her. I highly recommend Monika as a healer and therapist. My advice to any person who is trying out first time is to be open and receptive. The sun cannot enter in closed doors. -Tushar, Software professional, San Ramon

I want to recommend Monika to everyone. When you approach her as a spiritual healer,you get a friend & a guide along with it. She is a very compassionate being, and you can sense healing is her purpose of living. I'm in India and she is miles away, my day is her night but she always found a way to help me, to heal me, to talk to me. Within a week of her healing, I started seeing changes within me and in a month I was on my feet. From physical to mental, she took care of my whole system.

She performed past life regression on me over the Skype. The session felt as it was happening in person. It worked wonders for me. I not only got my answers but it also cured me from my repetitive behavior and freed me from the cyclic pattern that had set into my life. Not just this, she opened my mind into seeing other possibilities and gave a direction to my life.

Now I'm not only in a better health but am also a better being. God bless you Monika:)-Ela, School Head, India

I had the pleasure of experiencing Monika when she gave me a past life regression session.  I was nervous since I had never done this before, but she made me feel very comfortable.  The session went very well and I was able to relax and she regressed me into what I believe was a past life experience.  Her style, patience and professionalism was very soothing and I found the session to be very rewarding.  I plan to go back to Monika in the future and to learn more about Reiki healing.  I would definitely recommend Monika.  Her compassionate energy is powerful and comforting. Jeff H, San Jose

Monika is a loving and compassionate person. Suffice it to say she is a wonderful Reiki healer. Only after one healing session with her I felt calm and centered. A sense of well being stayed with me for the next few days. I will highly recommend her to anyone who wants Reiki healing and also wants to explore further in the field.-Nita Goel

"I want to mention a few words about Monika's Reiki healing which was able to assist the pain I had been feeling in my knee for several years. I was convinced I'd have to succumb to surgery and though this was a terrifying thought, I kept thinking that there were some other avenues I had yet to explore. Reiki came into my life out of the blue and since Monika has been giving me Reiki on my knee injury, not only have I been feeling wonderful, whole and healed, but also have been experiencing much more peace, calm and joy within. Thank you Monika for helping me and I hope that you can help many more people by your healing touch. Thank you profusely."  Kaumudee, IT Professional, Cupertino

Monika has given me many healing sessions. After the sessions, I felt very relaxed and experienced a warm and comforting sense of energy throughout my body.  I also felt centered and at peace with myself. This was specially helpful in regaining my health after a challenging period in my life. Ritu A, Software Professional, San Jose

I met with Monika for a healing session, and right away she made me feel welcome and at ease.
She took her time to listen and responded with wisdom and compassion.
The session was performed in a healing and relaxing environment with beautiful soothing music playing in the background.

After our session I have noticed subtle but powerful changes within myself and my life. She definitely knows what she is doing.
She is gentle, professional and wise, and I am looking forward to taking Reiki classes and working with her in future sessions:) Alison R, Therapist, San Jose, CA

"I had been to couple of sessions with Monika.. she is a very good listener that helps cater special and customized treatment required for the individual. she is quiet knowledgable in Reikhi and provides good reiki treatment. Will recommend Monika to any one in need." Meena K, San Jose.

Distance Healing:

I have used her services many a times , and have found her work to be efficient and effective. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a best healing therapist and will certainly be calling her as and when need arises for distant healing. Best part of her healing process is she will first listen to you very patiently and then heal you silently, give her all your worries and she has the ability to absorb everything like an ocean. (as the ocean doesn't gets dirty by the few drops of dirt in it) see yourself going from squalid to plucky and more tranquil. When it comes to healing she is definitely my Holy Grail. Happy Healing ..:) Shaivya, Finance Professional, Chicago

Thoughts on Healing Workshops:

I am so fortunate to have had the chance to meet Monika and learn Reiki from her. She has an amazing talent for teaching. She is not one who lectures to her students, but she observes, listens and connects with them. Monika was able to sense deep into me and pull out the energy that was sleeping inside of me for years. As she quickly recognized my level and pace of learning, she tuned to my frequency, enabling me to advance through Reiki levels I and II in just one month. Monika has the heart of an angel and lovely personality. Indeed, she helped change me forever.Katarina Doctor, Googler & PhD Student in Earth Systems and Geoinformation Sciences, Reston, VA

Monika brought Reiki in my life when I really needed it. I did Reiki I and started feeling immediate changes. Messages started coming to me from unexpected sources, which helped me see light at the end of the tunnel. Restlessness got replaced by inner peace. My Reiki II experience with Monika was beyond words. I actually felt the presence and blessings of all my angels and guides. I couldn’t have asked for more. Seeing Monika has been a big step into self discovery and healing for me. Working with Monika has been a positive, enlightening and divine experience. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their life. Khushi Agarwal, Finance Professional, Fremont, CA.

After experiencing the wonderful healing, I decided to learn Reiki 1 from Monika. I felt a huge amount of energy all over my body, some areas more than the others. Monika was not only extremely knowledgable and a true professional,but also an intuitive and compassionate person. I was amazed at how quickly the time went by. It was a fulfilling experience and one that I will always cherish. Ritu Arora, Software Professional, San Jose, CA

After experiencing a Reiki session with Monika, she recommended me to learn Reiki that would benefit my son's condition. So I learned Reiki I from her last month. Now I feel very serene & my body experiences a very nice feel. Monika has great insight into Reiki, imparts knowledge with love. I am planning to learn Reiki II next month from her. She is sure a mastery of Reiki. Vasantha Ganesan

Monika is my Reiki guru and has given me attunement for Reiki I and Reiki II just recently this month March, 2012. After Reiki I attunement, I felt healed in many aspects of life physically, emotionally and spiritually.
She was a good mentor also, during the first 21 days heal period. My blood pressure which never went up more than 90/62 in last 10- 14 yrs and heart rate was just going slower everyday. Now I am back again to 120/80 and feel so healthy, joyfull and connected to life.
There is much more to learn from her and I am really greatfull to her for assisting me in my spiritual journey. Ritu Jain, Software Professional, Fremont, CA

Monika is absolutely fantastic at what she does! I would highly recommend her to anyone that want to take the Reiki journey. I have only taken level 1 with her, and she has opened my eyes. Wow! -Janet, Nurse, Redwood City

It was an amazing experience to attend a Reiki class in July 2011 with Monika. As she guided me through a healing meditation in the beginning of class, I felt darkness leaving and pure light entering my body! Since my little angel's birth in 2008, I was having severe back pain and during the class itself 85% of my back pain healed instantly. It was so severe that I was unable to bend at all and I could do it without any pain right after the class. As I progressed with at-home practice, my back became even stronger.  Her guidance and immediate response to my questions helped me listen to myself and look at the world in a new way. May God give her more energy to teach and heal others. I highly recommend a Reiki session/ workshop with Monika. Sangeeta Nayak, Finance Professional, Milpitas, CA

"From the day one I’ve come in contact of Monika, I’ve seen her inclination towards spirituality and sensitivity towards other people’s problems and a strong urge in her to cure them. She wanted to see the world full of happiness and free of distress since her childhood. Monika is remarkable, with the gift of vision and of love and motivated by the highest interest of those who seek her help, truly a gift from God. Monika empathizes with the people’s situation. 

Monika is generous, genuinely cares about people. Monika is helpful, kind and very comforting to chat with.  She does so well in getting to the bottom of things with profound insights and guidance. If you are looking for someone who will do her best, is very talented, honest and kind, look no more you have found her!!! Monika is the one!!!

She learns what your concerns are she just goes into it for you and guides you through. She is spectacular, connects so well that will amaze you forever. If you want truth, honesty and clarity speaks to this gifted lady, you will not be disappointed. The role of the Reiki practitioner is extremely important as Reiki healer is a channel to the divine energy. The better the channel, the better the flow of energy. I would recommend that anyone thinking of training in Reiki should do so through Monika."  Ruchi Jain, Reiki Healer/Practitioner, Mumbai, India